Yates Thrive Plant Foods

Yates Natural Fish and Seaweed plant food is a complete garden fertiliser enriched with natural and inorganic ingredients specifically developed to improve plant and soil vitality.

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand so Yates have boosted the Natural Fish and Seaweed plant food with added NPK to ensure strong, lush plant growth.

Nourishes your plants with added:

  • NPK to optimise plant growth
  • Trace elements for healthy plants

Enriches your soil with the addition of:

  • Humates to feed soil and increase nutrient availability
  • Beneficial microbes to improve plant root health

Yates Thrive Natural Seaweed tonic for plant and root health works all year round supporting growth of all types of flowers, fruit, foliage and the development of strong, healthy roots.

  • Reduces transplant shock in new plants
  • Natural plant tonic, including vitamins, minerals and alginates
  • Is an excellent plant starter. When applied at low rates supports plant and root growth.
  • Aids recovery from stress conditions, e.g. heat, frost, drought, pests and diseases.