Watson's Garden - Otaki

Watson’s Garden has been operating at 17 Bell Street in Otaki since 1966.

It was first built by the late Jim McCormick after World War Two in 1947 and has been family owned by Don and Pat Watson since 1966 when, after having worked here for ten years, they bought the business.

Watson’s Garden has employed a lot of family and locals over the years and has a significant place in Otaki history.

We have grown a wide range of plants from the old days which include potted cyclamen, cut flowers, and carnations (Otaki pinks in particular) along with vegetable seedlings, capsicum and tomatoes.

We grow annuals for the Kapiti Coast District Council as well as a number of other nurseries.

Over time, our commercial enterprise out grew our site at Bell Street and we purchased a new property of 8.1 hectares (20 acres) at 79 Lethbridge Road across the Otaki river. This is where we grow our commercial vegetables such as cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli, lettuce and leeks.

At the Bell Street building we have perennials, grasses, fruit trees and a wide selection of many other plants.

We also sell a large selection of garden supplies, such as compost and potting mix, a range of quality garden tools and gift vouchers.