Lovely Kowhai

We’ve had some cracking days the last couple of weeks but there is no denying summer is on it’s way out with the chilly mornings we’re having.

The nursery is looking amazing right now, full of all sorts but today we’re going to look at a couple of kowhai we have available.

Sophora microphylla

Is an attractive, small tree with small fern like foliage paired up the stem with the tree covered during spring with beautiful yellow flowers. The nectar is a favourite food for many native birds.

Sophora chathamica

Is a coastal kowhai sometimes known as Chatham Island Kowhai. Primarily a coastal species growing to 6m tall with one or more trunks. These can be planted in full sun or semi shaded areas.

Sophora tetraptera

Another small, slender and spreading tree with dark green foliage with many time leaflets. Spring brings abundant clusters of golden yellow flowers.

Sophora ‘Dragons Gold’

Is a dwarf cultivar of the popular Kowhai. It’s compact rounded growth habit and its large yellow flowers appear from winter to summer. It’s easy to grow and thrives in almost any soil.