Glorious Evergreens

Whether you are after something to act as a trimmed hedge, atopiary feature, something to attract the birds or the bees or just a tall evergreen shrub these could be just what you’re looking for.

Teucrium fruticans

This is an attractive and fast growing, drought tolerant plant with a pale violet flower which is great at attracting bees. Growing to 3m it can be trimmed as a hedge, shrub, topiary or low shelter. It’s coastal hardy and can be trim little and often for ultimate tidiness.

Choisya Ternata | Mexican Orange Blossom

Ternata is a compact, rounded bush with deep green leaves and clusters of fragrant, white flowers. Growing to 2m it’s fantastic for hedging or as a stand alone plant.

Clianthus Maximus | Kaka Beak

With clusters of large, showy, red flowers along with branchges in winter and spring helps to make this a popular garden shrub. The flowers being full of nectar attract plenty of native birds. It will grow in most soils and tolerates dry conditions once it’s established. It is tender to frost so is best planted along a north facing wall.

Escallonia Red Knight

A bushy, compact, low maintenance shrub with glossy dark green foliage with masses of cherry red flowers in the summer. Red Knight makes a great coastal hardy hedge or can be used as a specimen in the garden. It can also be clipped to form a topiary feature.

Escallonia White Knight

White Knight a variety of escallonia renowned for its attractive foliage and quaint flowers. Glossy, green leaves with clusters of white flowers through spring and summer.
It needs to be planted in full sun, on a well drained site. It’s hardy to moderate frosts, some wind, and coastal conditions.