DeWit Hand Tools

For over 115 years the name of DeWit has been synonymous with craftsmanship reliability and quality.

A five generation family business which combines craft with tradition.

The Crown Trowel has a serrated cutting edge enabling you to cut through dirt with ease. Cut anything with a flat blade and its OK. Cut with a slanted blade and it’s a hot knife through butter !

The Large Potting and Soil Scoop holds a fair bit of product. A unique feature is the ‘bag cutter’ on the side of the scoop. Use this for ripping open bags of compost, bark or potting mix – or any other garden product you need to scoop out. This is the big scoop to use in your garden.

Or maybe you’re looking for a trowel with a bottle opener ! Yes the DeWit Bottle Opener Trowel has you covered. The trowel is made for high quality steel, and not only made for work with in the garden. Have a cool drink and when a bottle need to be opened, with this trowel it is easy.