Capsicums | Green, yellow, orange and red

All capsicum start off being green and grow to their mature size before changing colour as they ripen to yellow, orange and red.

Green capsicum are harvested before fully ripening and have a slightly bitter taste and are crunchy with no sweetness.

Yellow capsicum are often grilled and roasted due to their sweet and fruity taste.

Orange are sweet with slightly less flavour than red which are the most mature. With their bright colour and sweet, fruity taste, being high in nutrients and vitamin C, red capsicums are great in salads and especially roasted or grilled.

Bullhorn Red

A tall plant with a dark green foliage. It produces a long tapered, often slightly curved red capsicums which looks like a bull’s horn. They can be harvested whilst either green or red but the red ones are sweeter.

Perfect for grilling or pickling.

Sweet Banana

The fruit is a long tapered shape typically a light yellow colour but matures to red. Around 20cm long and are excellent for stir fires and salads.

Bullhorn Yellow

Tapered yellow capsicums which are sweet rather than spicy.