Apricots !

Apricots are often one of the first stone fruit to bear fruit in the summer season.

Typically you can expect to pick apricots from early summer, but they are best left to mature on the tree. You’ll know they are at their best when the birds start eating them !

They should be planted in fertile, well draining soil and in a sunny area. The trees should be fed in spring and summer and need to be watered well when it’s warm.

We have several varieties of Apricot at Watson’s Garden including:

Royal Rosa (Plumstock)

Royal Rosa is an attractive and reliable cropper. It’s medium sized, clean orange fruit increase in flavour as the tree matures. It’s self fertile and you can expect to harvest around the end of November, early December.

Tom Cot

Tom Cot returns a very large, almost peach size fruit. It has a strong red blush over orange skin. ItTomcat is a high quality freestone fruit with an intense apricot flavours. The tree itself is self fertile, compact, with masses of blossom in spring.

Sundrop (Plumstock)

With it’s medium sized fruit, waxen smooth golden skin and firm gold flesh Sundrop is excellent in desserts and for bottling. You can expect to harvest in January with the flesh ripening over a long season.