Amoura | Luxury soaps, hand creams and body lotions

We all know what being in the garden can do to our hands and bodies so what better than to treat yourselves to some luxury NZ made soaps and lotions.

The triple milled castile Amoura Luxury Fragrant Soaps gently infused with your much loved Amoura Fragrances. Paraben Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly, they are NZ made in small batches, with sustainably sourced ingredients including Shea Butter known for its moisturising qualities.

They are presented in a hand packaged wrap, representing all the different fragrances. Amoura Luxury Fragrant Soaps are the perfect opulent soap to enjoy daily and gift often. 

Black Orchid & Wild Raspberry

Combining the exotic flowery notes of Black Orchid with the sweet, fruity, slightly Rose floral notes of White Raspberry ensures a truly memorable sophisticated Candle.

Rosewood & Oud

Unleash the rich woody aroma of Oud and blend it with the strong & sweet Rose fragrance, of Rosewood for an intense, seductive Candle.

Velvet Rose & Golden Vanilla

Velvet Rose certainly pays homage to the Mediterranean Rose, while Golden Vanilla has an earthy sensual warmth. Combined together so beautifully they certainly ensure an elegant yet comforting Candle.