Alstroemeria | White Buttons, Pink Star, Red Baron, Lavender Lady, Sunset.

Alstoermeria is a showy easy care clump forming perennial from South America. Flowers for long period and great in floral arrangements too.

They require minimal care but do plant in a position that has sun most of the day and trim off any spent flowers after flowering. They are dormant in winter and hardy.

A low growing lily-like flowers available in different colours.

  • White Buttons | Low growing, lily-like whist flowers with delicate yellow and pink hues.
  • Pink Star | Long lasting, lily-like pink flowers.
  • Red Baron | Long lasting, lily-like red flowers.
  • Lavender Lady | Long lasting, lily-like lavender flowers flecked with black.
  • Sunset | Long lasting, lily-like pink, peach and yellow shaded flowers.