The wonderful world of herbs

The wonderful world of herbs | Watson's Garden

Herbs can be so easy to grow if you match them to their preferred conditions. Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme prefer a well drained soil with plenty of sun whereas mint thrives best in damp conditions.

Sowing seedlings is easier, and often more productive, than growing from seeds especially if you are new to growing herbs. Clip all herbs regularly, even if you don’t use them, to make sure you get a good supply of new leaves.

Oregano is an easy to grow, low-maintenance herb which can be grown both outdoors and indoors. It has spicy, slightly bitter flavour which is commonly used in Italian and Greek recipes. It’s perfect with a roast chicken and great if you are making home-made burgers for the BBQ in the late summer we appear to be having now !

Thyme is a personal favourite. An evergreen herb and a relative of Oregano. It can grow vigorously though to if you’re planting more than one or two make sure you leave plenty of space. Sprinkle plenty of thyme on your potatoes before roasting them with the chicken !

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with needle like leaves. Being hardy, it can survive long periods without water and is quite resistent to pests. Rosemary is an absolute must with roast lamb this winter.

Sage is a member of the mint family and has woody stems with greyish leaves and blueish flowers. It’s long been considered one of the essential herbs for any garden. It has a savoury and slightly pepperish flavour and is also popular in Italian cuisine and in particular fish. You cant go wrong with a sage and onion stuffing in your roast turkey though !