We’re very proud of our vegetable seedlings at Watson’s Garden. We’ve been growing them for over 45 years and we grow them hardy so they hit the garden running at transplant time. They typically require a little lime at preparation time and on a monthly interval a general NPK fertiliser and a hoe will help reduce weeds and promote growth.

All our seedlings are easy to grow but there are a couple of simple tips. Broccoli and cabbage suit most soils and planting cabbage closer than 50cm apart will give a smaller head. Cauliflower is slower to produce than broccoli and cabbage but you treat it the same and allow the leaves to protect the head from the sun which turns the head yellow.

Lettuce like calcium and you should cover them if they are getting a hard time from the birds. Leeks like a free draining soil and may get disease if its too wet.

Onions however, simply plant them and walk away !