Red RobinThese varieties make fantastic hedges and borders. The Photinia are part of the rose family and are related to the apple. The small apple-shaped fruit is no more than 1cm in size but forms in large quantities and is usually eaten by birds.

The Red Robin looks great all year around with its glossy evergreen foliage, but its the fresh young leaves which really mke it stand out. This bright red foliage covers the plants from spring onwards and is oftern still looking great by the time autumn arrives.

Dodonaea is tough and durable tree being able to survive most environments. Viscosa Purpurea is an ornamental, small, busy and erect tree. It has brown flaky bark with long, attractive, purple-red shining leaves which intensify in colour during winter.

Viscosa GreenViscosa Green on the other hand is an erect and vigourously spreading shrub, neat and tidy with needle like oblong leaves. It makes a tidy hedge and light trimming will encourage colourful new growth.