Our grasses are very popular because they are incredibly adaptable. They thrive in both full sun or shady sites and can handle windy conditions with no problems. Use an NPK fertiliser once a month and hoe around them to remove any weeds.


Grasses - Cordyline AustralisCordyline Australis is a tall tree which can be grown in coastal, swampy, dry and exposed conditions. Cabbage trees are found throughout New Zealand in a variety of habitats. They have creamy fragrant white flowers in late spring and summer followed by white-blue berries.

Chionochloa Flavicans is a very popular tussock grass with weeping green leaves. It has numerous lime green flower heads in early summer, changing to straw colours as the seed ripens.

Grasses - Carex TestaceaCarex Testacea is a fine, grass like foliage making an orange brick coloured clump. Testacea means ‘brick coloured’. An adaptable plant growing in most garden soils. Use low nutrient mulch such as wood chips or leaf litter.

Carex Evergold is a colourful, dense, tuft-formaing grass with glossy narrow yellow and green variegated leaves up to 20cms long. Ideal for mass planthing in semi-shaded areas which dont dry out too much. Ideal under trees but avoid water logged soil.