We offer a wide selection of products at Watson’s Garden. Including grasses, shrubs, trees, vegetables, garden tools and garden art and gift ware.


Our grasses are very popular because they are incredibly adaptable. They thrive in both full sun or shady sites and can handle windy conditions with no problems. Use an NPK fertiliser once a month and hoe around them to remove any weeds.


Hebes are native to New Zealand and there are around 90 different species. Hebes range from dwarf shrubs to small trees of up to 7 metres in height. Being able to cope with most soil types they are easy to grow, and as their flowers come in a multitude of colours, they are excellent at attracting butterflies.


These varieties make fantastic hedges and borders. The Photinia are part of the rose family and are related to the apple. The small apple-shaped fruit is no more than 1cm in size but forms in large quantities and is usually eaten by birds.


We’re very proud of our vegetables at Watson’s Garden. We’ve been growing them for over 45 years and we grow them hardy so they hit the garden running at transplant time. They typically require a little lime at preparation time and on a monthly interval a general NPK fertiliser and a hoe will help reduce weeds and promote growth.

Our new range of garden tools and equipmentGarden Tools and Care

Watson’s Garden stock a wide range of tools and products to help keep your garden in tip-top shape. We stock garden tools such as McGregors spades, forks, rakes, clippers, hedge shears etc as well as spades and forks by Viking Yard. We also have gloves for big hands and small.

Garden Art and Gifts

Garden art is very popular at Watson’s Garden. We have a wide variety of art for the home and garden which is also perfect as gifts. We have art to enhance fences and walls. Sculptures and pots for flower beds and lawns. Plates and bowls for the home as well as wind chimes and wind mills.