Our Fruit Tree’s are looking blooming lovely

Hi everyone and welcome to #WatsonsFloralFriday!

Our Fruit Tree’s are looking blooming lovely. The Plum, ‘Billingtons Early’ has started to leaf up and the Dwarf Peach varieties ‘Bonanza’ and ‘Rose Chiffon’ look very pretty in pink. There’s more to see so please, come and have a mosey.

Our 2 varieties of Boronia have also started to flower. Heterophylla and ‘Purple Jared’, are just so gorgeous.

Michelia ‘Velvet & Cream’ is our next Michelia to come into bloom. A lovely variety with fragrant flowers and small paddle shaped leaves, this is a great choice for hedging or even as a small specimen tree. Grows to approx 4m.

Earlier this year we were selling bare Peony tubors. At the same time, we also planted some in bags which have now burst into leaf with tightly bound flower buds. Each PB18 bag has multiple tubors/buds which means multiple blooms for years to come!

For you Cactus lovers, we have a new selection in. We’re also back to Petunia season (Yippee!) and the Pot shop is looking full. New Blueberry plants are ready for planting…there’s no end to the amount of gardening fun to be had here at Watsons!!

We’re open tomorrow, Saturday and all next week from 9-5pm.

See you when you get here!