Hydrangea’s, Petunia’s and Tomato baskets

Welcome to this weeks #FloralFriday.

Lovely flowering hydrangeas. They are blooming beautifully now and we have multiple varieties available. Miss Belgium, General Patton, Sabrina, Ayesha, Birgit Blue and Merveille Sanguin Mophead which produces incredible blood-red to wine purple blooms.

We also have Dichroa which flowers on and off all year round. It’s an evergreen which grows up to 1-3 meters high with a blue flower.

Tumbling Toms are a great plant for the beginner veggie gardener. Easy to grow and capable of producing a couple of kilos of fruit during the season. They are great value in our hanging baskets at $15.00.

Marigolds, Impatiens, Petunias – colour galore !

Petunias are on special. Assorted 6 packs with carpet mix produces a lush carpet of colour all season long. The Hulahoop mix flowers early and are rich and compact. We have plenty of other varieties as well.

We look forward to seeing you.