Fruit this Floral Friday

Hello everyone,

A few technical issues last week mean it’s a #FloralMonday rather than #FloralFriday !

Dichondra Silver Falls have a rounded fan shaped silver foliage and silver stems with vigorous growth and a cascading habit. They are excellent for mixed containers and hanging baskets which also work as a low growing (5-8cm) ground cover but do require a well drained soil. They perform best in sun and are both drought and heat tolerant. Perfect for our Otaki summer when it arrives.

If you want a tighter plant then Dichondra Emerald Green is what your looking for. Excellent for containers and hanging baskets with it’s green foliage.

If you haven’t tried Tamarillo on your toast in the morning you don’t know what you’re missing. Tamarillo Lairds is a fast growing tree growing to approximately 3 meters. It should produce large round red fruit with a tangy acidic flavour within around 18 months of planting.

With summer approaching, well it was yesterday, you’ll soon be making Pav’s. Forget kiwifruit on top and try passionfruit instead. Black Beauty is a stunning evergreen vine with deep green shiny leaves and attractive mauve and white flowers. The fruit is roundish dark purple with juicy aromatic flavour. Also goes well with vanilla ice-cream, so we’ve been told.

If you love your watermelon but they are too big try a Sugar Baby. Plants mature in about 73 days and produce a small round melon packed full of flavour and sweetness. They need a fertile, well drained soil in the full sun and a tip is to not water them for the last week before harvesting to intensify the flavour.

Finally lovely lavender! We have new stock of Lavendula ang. Blue Mountain, Lavendula Rosea, Lavendula ang. Foveaux (pictured) as well as Lavender Sidonie and Lavendula x int. Grosso.