Avocado trees galore and climbers.

Hello everyone and welcome to another #FloralFriday.

We have Avocado trees galore at Watson’s this week.

Bacon is a handsome, sub-tropical, evergreen tree selected for both it’s cold tolerance and green skinned fruit. Bacon is a great cross pollinator for Hass and Reed.

Reed gives a tasty, cannon ball fruit maturing from February to June. It’s a predominantly self fertile variety although it cross pollinates well with Fuerte or Bacon. Feed regularly during Spring and Summers with a high nitrogen fertiliser.

Fuerte matures between August and November. An ideal cross pollinator with Hass and Reed it needs to be fed with a balanced fertiliser in Spring and Summer.

Hass produces a nutty, crocodile skinned fruit maturing between September and April. Feed regularly during Spring and Summer and prune to shape and size.

We also have a wide range of climbers in this week.

Clematis Montana Marjorie is a charming an distinct variety of this well-loved vigorous species. With profuse semi-double soft pink flowers between May and June.

Clematis Montana Snowflake is a deciduous climber with a lengthy and dense display of single white flowers from Spring. It likes rich. moist well drained soil and can be pruned after flowering.

Wisteria Venusta ‘Alba’ produces very large, short heavy clusters of white flowers which typically all open at once. It’s a profuse bloom when leaves begin to open in mid spring.

Finally, pencil in the 10th December for Watson’s Garden first ever Christmas late night shopping event.

Giftware, drinks, nibbles, sausage sizzle, spot prizes, there’s even talk of store-wide discounts !

We’re very excited about this and more details will come next week.